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Customer Service

A break from the music related posts.

I had an unfortunate customer service experience that was totally avoidable yet it happened anyway.

I consigned quite a few clothing items to a mens consignment shop recently. I walked in and had just come from work moving a senior into their new home. I was dressed in jeans, a t shirt and jacket. I was quickly judged by the two men running the shop just by what I was wearing. These two guys acted like bitches. No other way to explain it. That should have been my first clue to walk out. I persisted anyway when I told them I had Armani, Zegna, Calvin Klein sportscoats, dress shirts, outerwear etc. They printed the contract and it said 90 days and on the 91st day the items, if not picked up, become the property of the shop. That should have been my second clue to not go ahead and sign this. Stubbornly I persisted.

I went in a few weeks ago and a new employee helped me out. Were were looking for my unsold items and one could not be found. She mentioned the owner would have to handle this. I said fine. I will stop back when he is in. I did this. The owner, one of the two aforementioned bitches, took down all the info and said he would call in a day or two. I waited a week with no phone call so I went back in and his reply was “we will just have to mark that item as donated”. I said that is not acceptable. I trusted you with my items and you are just telling me I am out of luck. The item was $315 in their shop. He then mentioned no one forced me to sign the contract which “clearly states we are not responsible for lost or stolen items”. It appeared to me he uses that line often and just dug his heels in and stuck to it. My fault again.

My problem at this point is I had just consigned a lot of clothing the week before. A lot of clothing. I then said I want all the items I consigned last week. I do not trust you nor do I trust the way you handle your business. He had no idea just how much I consigned the week before. He hid behind the fact it was still being processed.

Today I went in and took all my items back. I didn’t get nasty. I didn’t get loud. I calmly went thru and found my items and let them pull them out of inventory. This time I know the owner was remorseful because he lost a lot of nice items for his shop. Unfortunately for him I called his bluff.

In a weird bit of irony they could not find one of the sports coats I consigned a few weeks ago. I was thinking to myself I will just cut my losses and leave when he said “I cant do this to you twice. It isn’t right. I am going to pay you for your item we cant find”. If he had only handled the first situation this way we wouldn’t be where we are now.

When someone handles a situation as he did last week it made start thinking all sorts of things like are they just taking nice items, selling them and claiming they are lost or stolen and keeping all the money? The owner kept going on and on about the alarming amount of theft in his shop. Really? I have had two retail businesses in the same area and never encountered that much theft.

I suppose the moral of this story is this:

#1. Read the contract and ask questions.

#2. When confronted with this situation you have two choices. You can dig your heels in and be a dick. For the $120 he may have had to pay out think of the long term goodwill he would have gotten from me. It is pretty easy these days to get your pound of flesh with social media outlets: Yelp, Facebook, Twitter etc. Which incidentally I opted not to.

#3. Dont try and read a book by its cover by pre-judging people. It is so easy to detect and feels really shitty.

I purposely didn’t name the offending shop/owner but if you know me and the area it isn’t that hard to work it out.

I will hasten to add I signed up on Yelp to heap praise on a local UPS store who helped me out big time. Most of my Yelp reviews are positive.